A.T.H. Webber

No Better View

The story of a regular couple left behind in a post-viral apocalypse.

No zombies or descent into brutality, just a couple of people trying to hold onto each other for as long as they can.

Originally a concept piece for a short-film, A.T.H. Webber’s forgotten 2013 manuscript is available for the first time from March 2020.


Credit cards. Social media. Facial recognition. Voice activation. We are the first generations to have our lives are so intimately recorded.

But, what if we are supposed to be forgotten?

Someone had Her killed and there’s only one person left to grasp at the fading threads that might lead to her murderer… and anonymity.

2014 Quarter Finalist –
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

2016 Winner’s Circle
Montegrappa Writing Prize
Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature


Belinda is in hell. The work she took part in has ruined her.
She was, and still is, nothing more than a tool for others to use.

Her talent for the work remains as sharp as ever, but even those closest to her only value the work, and value her less than she does herself.

Erasure: Book II