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Welcome to the Cryptoparty/Erasure book page.

I’ll get to the mechanics of it first, in case you are in a hurry, then will do some explaining…

I’ve created 3 discount codes for Cryptoparty users, enabling interested parties to get a 100% discount (so, free, but I guess you’d worked that out already) , 75% off, or 50% off.

I’ll get to the codes shortly BUT please be aware that I haven’t added the pay-money codes as some kind of guilt trip. If you want a free copy, go for it, it’s the whole point of me setting up this page – to get my book into people’s hands. What I have done is to give an option to those who want to drop a couple of bucks in to the hat

In the past I’ve had folk contact me to say that they like the book, and could they offer to donate cash.

It’s a problem. Paypal donations, blah. blah blah. I won’t bore you with it.

If you decide after reading it that you cant possibly keep yourself from handing over money, then buy one for a friend. That’s all. And it’s easier.

The discount codes are as follows, not case sensitive, and need to be added at checkout.
Free, no charge: MV69X 
75% reduction: ST37N
50% reduction: VG23A

The free code will change monthly, this one will time out at the end of October. The pay codes are valid until December 25th.

To grab your copy of Erasure go to:
every possible eReader format is available. Kindle included.

You’ll have to sign-in to smashwords, it’s free, and they are blissfully spam free.

Of course if you want to just go for the Amazon version:
Erasure on Kindle or in Paperback – USA/most of the world.
Erasure on Kindle or in Paperback – UK folk

BUT, there is no mechanism for me to offer free stuff through Amazon. Well, there is, but it means I have to hand over exclusive rights to Amazon… I won’t bang on about how I feel the current state of play with Amazon is, it makes my eye twitch.

Reviews are available at the websites – more on Amazon than smashwords currently, along with the facility to download a sample. Given that you have access to a free copy though the sample thing is a little redundant, but it’s there nonetheless.

What is the book about?

Hard to describe, even for me (and I wrote it), but I’ll wade in with an explanation of how I came to write it:

Last year a friend of mine died of heart complications – she was 30 years old.
She (Melanie) is still on facebook, and is regularly tagged in posts and photos.
When Mel pops up on my timeline, my first reaction is “Haven’t heard from Mel in a while, wonder what she’s been up to”, followed a split second later by the memory that she is no longer here.

It got me wondering: What if we aren’t supposed to be remembered that way, in such intimate detail.
What if we are actually designed to be forgotten? And that this lingering memory in the data-ether is not the natural way of things.

Now, this is a work of fiction, but as a fiction writer it is my job to grab the threads of these thoughts and see where they go.

So putting real beliefs structures aside, I began asking more questions of the premise:

Why are we supposed to be forgotten?
What if we are supposed to be forgotten in order to move on after death?
What if after death we wait in some intermediate space acting as guides for those left behind, until the last person who has a memory of us dies, then takes our place in the intermediate space allowing us to carry on to the “real” afterlife?
What if this whole new memory stream, not just Facebook et al, but credit card purchase history, subscriptions… ALL the data is messing with the natural way.

Before you get all thingy about this being some kind of new religion, the book isn’t about the above questions… they just served to give me the motivation in the plotline, the next and last question got me to put my fingers on the keyboard:

What if there was a group of people who understood the impact the previous questions, and took it upon themselves to erase the digital memory, and in some cases, kill, in order to erase the physical memory?

The story is told through the eyes of The Narrator, and spans multiple countries as He/She is trying to find out the truths involving the death of a loved one.

He/She? Nowhere in the book is the Narrator referred to by gender, name, or country of residence. People make assumptions, and that’s great, but the memory of the narrator is kept to a minimum.

Lastly, and for me the most important thing.
If you like the book, please tell someone about it. As an independent author I stand well outside the gates of traditional publishing, the only strength I have is by word of mouth.

Thanks for visiting, and I genuinely hope you like Erasure. The first of its series. Book two is underway now, and there might be a third… time will tell.

Kindest regards and I hope that you are well, wherever on this little blue space marble you find yourself.

Andrew Webber
1st of October, 2012

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