Java Cabana – Memphis open mic night.

During the epic journey that was the great American adventure, (more on that in another post) while in Memphis we found ourselves staying in the fabulous Cooper-Young district… … and fell completely in love with the area. An eclectic mix of bars, bookshops, art spaces, a cat rescue center and the fabulous Java Cabana coffeeContinue reading “Java Cabana – Memphis open mic night.”

A welcome reminder of why I write…

If you’ve been visiting the blog, and perhaps the facebook page, you might notice since the release of “Erasure” in early June that many of the posts that I’ve added tend to speak more from the “What’s wrong with publishing” than anything else.I really haven’t set out to do that, it just seems to beContinue reading “A welcome reminder of why I write…”

An open letter to Amazon: Things have to change.

To: Amazon.comCC: Re: Things have got to change. To whom it may concern:I am writing to offer my thoughts on the current state of play in the direct publishing market. Never before in the history of publishing have so many had the opportunity to publish their own book. Certainly, vanity presses have been aroundContinue reading “An open letter to Amazon: Things have to change.”

The Balkan Express – Slavenka Drakulic

The Balkan Express:Fragments from theother side of war. I am ashamed to say that I only remember the war depicted in this book as little more than an intellectual enterprise. It was given to me by a friend of my wife’s as we had just come back from a holiday in the region, and sheContinue reading “The Balkan Express – Slavenka Drakulic”

The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman

The Light Between OceansM.L. Stedman I really wanted to like this book, and on balance it is a good one. But there are some real clanging issues that hold it back. It is set in the 1920’s at what was then an Australian outpost. For the most part it is written in a modern voiceContinue reading “The Light Between Oceans – M.L. Stedman”

Want a free paperback edition? Live in the USA? Come on in…

NOTE: This offer has sadly expired. “Yay” for those that got on to it though! Back from my travels and refreshed. The adventures I’ve had, places seen, and people met have left me revitalised, and so ready to start writing again I could burst. The thing about being self published, though, is that there isContinue reading “Want a free paperback edition? Live in the USA? Come on in…”

Charities announced…

Right, so July is marching on and on… and it’s about time I mentioned the charities that the cash will be going to, so without further rambling: gets the heart vote, and doubles up for Melanie, who the book is dedicated to… for my and behalf of my friends who have won, and lost to the bastardContinue reading “Charities announced…”

Book of the month… And so the day has arrived. What day? The day that Erasure gets listed as ‘book o’ the month’ on the much visited, irreverent blog, Blogging Dangerously. It’s a fun blog, sometimes with a serious message, but mostly about the trials and tribulations of a Mother, Wife, Lover and a personal device called CarmenContinue reading “Book of the month…”