My book "Erasure" is in the ABNA quarter finals!

It seems that we might be on to something with “Erasure”. I got the news today, and I am more than a little happy. Erasure has moved up to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014. I haven’t been broadcasting it, I’ve been too nervous, but the process started back in JanuaryContinue reading “My book "Erasure" is in the ABNA quarter finals!”

Philip Seymour Hoffman – another one gone.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose on Saturday…and it’s awful. What I find even less palatable is the manner in which denizens of the social media world float around the corpse of news like vultures around a bloated hippopotamus. It seems that with every celebrity death and outpouring of shock, there are manyContinue reading “Philip Seymour Hoffman – another one gone.”

Did you help save Locky’s dad? Or did Autism posts get in the way?.

Nick Auden died on Friday – or Saturday depending on the timezone you live in. Regardless of where the arbitrary line that states what time of day it is for you, for Nick, 72 hours ago, time became finite. HIS time ended, and everything that his supporters could do was done. BUT Not everything thatContinue reading “Did you help save Locky’s dad? Or did Autism posts get in the way?.”

"Broken", the latest installment in the Erasure series – out later this week.

Broken, the prequel to 2012’s Erasure is almost ready.The editors have trawled and poked, and cut and provoked it into life, and we are all pretty proud of it. Set in a time of pure hell for Bammer, ‘Broken’ answers a lot of questions for fans of Erasure. Questions I won’t elude to here.Why? Simple: ToContinue reading “"Broken", the latest installment in the Erasure series – out later this week.”

What gets you off? The DOMA/Prop 8 decision

Warning: This post is of a sexual nature, some people will find it confronting, even though it is in no way explicit. The outcome of the DOMA/Prop 8 debate is a positive one.  The ongoing movement to equality, whatever the variables, can only be a good thing. Yes there will be the usual backlash –Continue reading “What gets you off? The DOMA/Prop 8 decision”

PRISM and the NSA? Snowden flagged it for us, but there are bigger issues…

Watching you?Yes, because you agreed to it. There has been a lot of hoopla about Edward Snowden and his role in (and ultimately distaste for) the actions of the NSA and the Prism project. What HAS come of it are a couple of really good articles that describe the mechanics of how data-profiling work. OneContinue reading “PRISM and the NSA? Snowden flagged it for us, but there are bigger issues…”

The ever-changing casting call…

The response to Erasure has been great and the reviews have been positive. A situation that doesn’t cease to amaze me. One of the most common statements made has been something along the lines of:“Erasure would make a great movie, it’s reads like one.. you should TOTALLY make a movie..” I tend to agree, IContinue reading “The ever-changing casting call…”