The pitfalls of a character named Jesus.

“So, what did you do to Erasure?”“Which character had their name changed?” Two of the questions I’ve been fielding over the last couple of days — mostly arriving as part of the congratulations messages (messages that I remain completely humbled by, for the record). What did I do? A lot, but nothing that in anyContinue reading “The pitfalls of a character named Jesus.”

NPR doesn’t want ALL of the opinions, apparently.

Photo courtesy of I follow Hedayah¬†¬†on Facebook — an organisation that is doing some great work with regard to pushing back against religious extremism and radicalization. Along with their official posts, they also distribute the work of others in their social media feed, like this one by Average Mohamed via the NPR website. WhatContinue reading “NPR doesn’t want ALL of the opinions, apparently.”