Israel Vs. Palestine – the battle for Facebook.

In relocating to the Middle East from the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda, I managed to move from Australia’s Jewish heartland to a country that is entirely Muslim. As a result, I have people on my friends list that are entirely Jewish, or entirely Muslim. I won’t name them. Because it isn’t important, but itContinue reading “Israel Vs. Palestine – the battle for Facebook.”

Erasure, now on Kindle Prime – so go borrow it!

For the first time, Erasure is now available via the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. Do you like fiction?Prepared to be a little creeped out by every-day aspects of privacy?Are you a member of Kindle-Prime? If so, you are in luck. Fresh from the quarter-finals in this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, Erasure has been releasedContinue reading “Erasure, now on Kindle Prime – so go borrow it!”