My book "Erasure" is in the ABNA quarter finals!

It seems that we might be on to something with “Erasure”.
I got the news today, and I am more than a little happy.
Erasure has moved up to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014.
I haven’t been broadcasting it, I’ve been too nervous, but the process started back in January when I submitted the manuscript as one amongst 10,000 other hopefuls.
In March, it was selected for the second round, a situation that culled 80% of the entrants.
Today it is one of five hundred entrants selected for the quarters, and one of one hundred in my category – mystery/thriller.
“Why are you telling us now? You are going to ask us to do something aren’t you?” I hear you ask.
No, actually I’m not. Unlike many other competitions, the ABNA is entirely industry based and NOT a social media share-and-like popularity contest. Erasure has made it through the first couple of rounds based entirely on physical review by the judges…
…and that it is not a popularity contest gives me a feeling of validation due to Erasure not being up against social media “like-farms” and free-baiting book aggregators.
I admit to getting a little emotional this morning when I saw the email in my list.  I didn’t want to open it, because when I did it would all become too real. To be frank, I’m not sure whether I was suitably prepared for either the “in”or the “fail” outcome.
Erasure is in, though, and I couldn’t be happier.
In the next round, publisher’s weekly will be reviewing all the entries and recommending the stand-outs for the semi-finals in June – where the final 25 will be listed. From that list, five winners will be selected; one from each category and announced in July. Of those five, one will be selected for the grand prize by way of voting from the public. To be clear though: Up until the 5 winners are announced in July, there is no public participation.

It’s a long way off, but I remain hopeful.

“So, Andrew, now that the book is getting real industry cred you are no doubt going to jack the price up… you know… ride the wave.”

No. I won’t be doing that. In the event that Erasure wins its category or, *gasp*, the Grand Prize, Amazon will be taking over the publishing rights, and will no doubt price it however they see fit. Until then, I’m leaving the pricing as it is – which is still at the special rate that came from the release of “Broken”. 
“So, you are going to make a stack of cash and buy a house and a car and holiday in the Seychelles… because that’s what you writer’s do, you know.” 
Ummm, no. There is prize money involved, but only if Erasure wins. IF it does, then the money is already spent – the yet to be covered costs for the production of the book (good books cost money to make, no matter what the screaming anti-independent hoards would have you believe) and the rest will go toward paying school fees for my writing degree.
For those of you who have already got on the Erasure-train, thanks a bunch – for those that are yet to grab a copy – if you are looking for a book to read, I really hope you consider this one.

The industry is considering it, and they like it. You might too.

It has come to my attention that the sidebar isn’t always visible for mobile devices, dammit! – So
here are the pertinent links to Erasure OR simply go to your favourite Amazon and search for “Erasure” and “Webber”. It’ll be there…and so will you, or something.

Erasure at Amazon US 

Erasure at Amazon UK

Erasure at Amazon Australia

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