Israel Vs. Palestine – the battle for Facebook.

In relocating to the Middle East from the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda, I managed to move from Australia’s Jewish heartland to a country that is entirely Muslim. As a result, I have people on my friends list that are entirely Jewish, or entirely Muslim. I won’t name them. Because it isn’t important, but itContinue reading “Israel Vs. Palestine – the battle for Facebook.”

Erasure, now on Kindle Prime – so go borrow it!

For the first time, Erasure is now available via the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. Do you like fiction?Prepared to be a little creeped out by every-day aspects of privacy?Are you a member of Kindle-Prime? If so, you are in luck. Fresh from the quarter-finals in this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, Erasure has been releasedContinue reading “Erasure, now on Kindle Prime – so go borrow it!”

It remains a crapshoot – Part 1.

The path to the finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards continues. The next phase of the competition started rolling out today with the release of the industry-based “Publisher’s Weekly” reviews being added to pool of reviews that will be considered for judging purposes. Rather than bog people down with the why’s and wherefore’s ofContinue reading “It remains a crapshoot – Part 1.”

My book "Erasure" is in the ABNA quarter finals!

It seems that we might be on to something with “Erasure”. I got the news today, and I am more than a little happy. Erasure has moved up to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for 2014. I haven’t been broadcasting it, I’ve been too nervous, but the process started back in JanuaryContinue reading “My book "Erasure" is in the ABNA quarter finals!”

Philip Seymour Hoffman – another one gone.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose on Saturday…and it’s awful. What I find even less palatable is the manner in which denizens of the social media world float around the corpse of news like vultures around a bloated hippopotamus. It seems that with every celebrity death and outpouring of shock, there are manyContinue reading “Philip Seymour Hoffman – another one gone.”