"Broken", the latest installment in the Erasure series – out later this week.

Broken, the prequel to 2012’s Erasure is almost ready.
The editors have trawled and poked, and cut and provoked it into life, and we are all pretty proud of it.

Set in a time of pure hell for Bammer, ‘Broken’ answers a lot of questions for fans of Erasure.

Questions I won’t elude to here.
Simple: To name those questions would affect the impact of Erasure.

But there are questions, and Broken finally produces answers.

The restraints attached to Belinda’s ankles and wrists, while a large padded belt wrapped around her mid-section.  

The smell of urine. Not warm and new, but older and almost masked by hospital bleach. 

Apart from Bammer’s soft breathing there was no noise in the room. It was a sealed universe, and Bammer at its center

“What do you want?” It was the only thing Jesus could think to ask.

More breathing, though louder than before, she must have been looking at him.

“What do I want?” she said, her voice low, “I want some fucking dignity back.” 

It has been a long time coming… and the news just in from the editing staff?
It’s good, it’s really good.

I’m not usually one to lay down such an obvious trumpet line on my own work (as I’m sure you will attest) 


It really helps with the validation aspect of this thing called writing, when an editor suggests that the work that has taken so long to finish actually has merit.

I’m not going to get all “writer-ey” – I chose to be a writer, I could do something else – but there comes a time in every project that the writer is beyond even recognising whether the work is even any good anymore.

To hear praise back from the editors is such a great thing.

Will it be a best seller?
Maybe. Maybe not.

Would I like it and its partner ‘Erasure’ to hit the best seller lists?
Of course, what writer wouldn’t?

But I write because it’s something that I just do, hopefully it will pay enough one day that I will be able refund my ever-supportive wife, Karma,  for all that she has done to allow me to write.

Retire to a large property that my wife and I could fill with rescue animals, and feed them, and write some more?

But Karma has given up a lot in the way of time and support – so I’d take a break even position, gladly.

Still, whatever the outcome, I’ll continue to write – it’s what I do now.

If you are on facebook and are interested in the deals and machinations surrounding release day for Broken, the easiest way to stay abreast of things is to head to my Author Page on Facebook  and hit the like button. Or hit me up on Google+  .

A promise from me to you: I don’t do spam. I don’t do buy-my-book-begging. I don’t do fluffy cat photos (unless they are of my own animals doing something suitably annoying). I don’t do pastel colored eCards with pithy comments. I don’t do likebait charity posts. If I post something on either of these social streams it’s usually because whatever it is, it is something I’d like in my own feed. Enough already – if you are interested (and I sincerely hope you are) you know where to find me. If you’ve made it this far – “Thanks, truly” – whether you’d like to continue to FB/G+ or not.

One thought on “"Broken", the latest installment in the Erasure series – out later this week.

  1. I just bought your book finally through my ipad ( a new gift from my sons!) so I am looking forward to reading your book now after having read so many encouraging reviews. I often whiz through a book pretty quickly when I have the time as I love reading! Best wishes on your follow up books!DD


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