The ever-changing casting call…

The response to Erasure has been great and the reviews have been positive. A situation that doesn’t cease to amaze me.

One of the most common statements made has been something along the lines of:
“Erasure would make a great movie, it’s reads like one.. you should TOTALLY make a movie..”

I tend to agree, I mean what writer wouldn’t?

“Oh no, please don’t make a movie out of my book” said no independent author, ever.

The above would be a tie (in any language) for least heard sentence.

Its main competitor?

“Would the independent author please move his current model BMW from the entry way to the country club.”

But I digress – back to the point:

Who the hell would be in the cast?

It is a tricky question. At least the question of the role of Narrator is tricky – nowhere in the book is the Narrator mentioned by name or gender. Most assume that the Narrator is male, some can see the possibility of the Narrator being female.

The story is about the events that cause the Narrator  to want to erase their past, but if the Narrator is telling the story while still trying to achieve the anonymity-goal it would make sense that they would prefer to keep the things that very often define us, name and gender, unspecified.

SO… to my current picks – be aware that they change minute by minute, this is just the dream-team I am most comfortable with for now:


+Justin Timberlake 

Why?History of similar roles to that of the Narrator, or at least has appeared in films with similar topics.
Has the right look if the Narrator is male.
Can act his butt off.
People want to see him.

Wait, what do you want a male or female lead?
See above.
Has the right look if the Narrator is female.
Would be a departure from regular roles.
Can act her butt off.
+Brett Cousins
Was one of the faces that kept popping up when I was writing the Narrator.
A departure from the usual suspects traditionally selected for a movie like this.
Can act his butt off.
Lack of type casting means that the audience wouldn’t have to process the character, he would just BE the character – not a variation on something he has done before or is known for playing.


Looks. Straight up looks. In my head, Bammer looks like Zooey.
Downside is that the role might be a stretch, BUT maybe it’s time for her to consider a darker role?
+Emma Stone  , again

For the same reasons she could be considered for the lead.
To gain the general look, perhaps a leap into the brunette brigade?
+Keke Palmer 

Not seen a lot recently, victim of some feel good roles, but has been known to get a tad gritty.
Has the right look.


The right look, for a complex character.
Has been known to do some non-mainstream kind of work.

Massive resume, has the ability to play a  self reliant style of character, and Jesus is a self reliant kind of guy.


On the facebook post that was the inspiration for this thread I had 3 strong contenders for the role of Martin.
John Malkovich,
Samuel L Jackson,
Lawrence Fishburn
(and a late edition of Mark Strong)

BUT a facebook fan suggested an actor that I had overlooked, and who now is my number one draft pick:

Ralph Fiennes
Because it is a damn good idea.
Suits the character.
Can act his backside off.
Believable in the role of Martin.
Erasure: A novel by A.T.H. Webber – available in paperback or Kindle (or just about any other e-reader format) see side bar for further details or head over to or to grab a copy.

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