A welcome reminder of why I write…

If you’ve been visiting the blog, and perhaps the facebook page, you might notice since the release of “Erasure” in early June that many of the posts that I’ve added tend to speak more from the “What’s wrong with publishing” than anything else.

I really haven’t set out to do that, it just seems to be the natural way of things. 

Generally when I sit down to work I don’t follow a plan, so to speak. I just write, and pick up the pieces after. But write I do, and the next book in the series is well under way.

When it comes to blogging I take a different approach. If I have nothing to say, I don’t blog.

It goes against the grain, I know. 

“You HAVE to blog, if you don’t your book will die.” Is the slightly exaggerated version of what all the author forums seem to preach. I didn’t sign up for that sermon, and yet I still hear it ALL the time.

Today I have something to blog about. 

A solid reminder of what it really means when I say that I’m a writer.

I woke up Saturday morning, thankfully hangover free, and logged on to check out what was happening on that bright sunny day.

I was greeted by this message via facebook – and it made me smile (Thanks Gemma C.):

I have just read an awesome book, I can’t remember ever being so taken by a book. I had chills, tears, laughs… the works. needless to say I double locked all my doors tonight and kept the lights on. Check it out guys – the book is called ERASURE www.athwebber.com BIG TIME WOW! and all you computer junkies totally gonna dig this one!

I’ve just started smiling again as I pasted the message.

I didn’t set out to be some kind of writer-rockstar (although I’m not against the idea should the mantle be trust upon me). I write because it is what I do. I find it entertaining. I find the process incredibly detailed and frustrating at times, but while it (the process) might backhand me every now and then, the sense of achievement is a nice thing to feel.

This message reminded me that people do actually read my work.
It reminded me that the work is worthwhile.
It reminded me that someone I didn’t know while I was writing the thing would ultimately turn the final page and feel like they had read, really read, what they probably say is a great book.

This whole writing thing can be an unbelievably lonely existence, but little beacons like this message stretch out of the gloom and reach me on my little hill. It is a connection I didn’t know I needed until now. If I stand on tip-toe I can almost see the little hill top from where the beacon came, and can see many other little hills around it, all with their own singular inhabitant. 

I hope others see the beacon too. So that one day this valley will be ablaze.

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