Want a free paperback edition? Live in the USA? Come on in…

NOTE: This offer has sadly expired. “Yay” for those that got on to it though!

Back from my travels and refreshed. The adventures I’ve had, places seen, and people met have left me revitalised, and so ready to start writing again I could burst.

The thing about being self published, though, is that there is always the Albatross of the previous book looming  nearby. The cord attached to it, tightens every time I look away – the connection has a tendency to choke… to stifle the creative process of the new.

So, what am I to do?

I’ve decided to get some books into peoples hands.

I’ll be writing a post about the $500 lesson I learned regarding some social media decisions I made a month or two ago, so without going in to detail, and thus turning this post in to that one, the guts of it is this:

I could have spent five hundred bucks on books, and actually had them in peoples hands to read, and love and talk about.

But I didn’t.

Now I aim to rectify that. Although I no longer have five hundred clams to foist at the printer, I will be able to send at least a few to you fine folk out there in the actual world. As opposed to the non-world we inhabit here in the great data stream that is the internet.

I’m talking paperback here, people. Not a kindle promo. Not a .pdf file to squint at on your computer.

A book. A real, book. From a printer.

You get the point.

The way the printing distribution thing goes this offer is only valid to USA folk. Don’t hate me “rest of the world”, blame the system. It is one that is quite limiting, from an Author-buy-dropship point of view, except to the states, where it is fast and easy.

I have a VERY modest (small) marketing budget now so numbers are limited – to 50. Now… don’t think “oooh I’ll be too late for this offer” because everyone will say that. Send an email anyway, you might be lucky!


Send an email to: athwebber+freeUSA@gmail.com
With the subject “I want one” and your postal address.

IMPORTANT: Copy and paste the email exactly as it is, athwebber+freeUSA@gmail.com – include the plus sign. Trust me. It will work, even if it looks weird.

That’s about it. Oh… except that I intend to try out the Middle Eastern postal Gods, and send a signed bookmark to each of the lucky book aquire-ers. But that’s a fingers crossed kind of thing. Not that I won’t post the bookmarks I will, but whether they get to your address in the next decade is debatable. Thankfully the books will all be coming to you from within the US.

Get on it.

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