Erasure gets put up for book of the month.

It’s a slog, but an interesting one.

Next up in the adventures of Erasure-as-a-book-to-be-sold as opposed to Erasure-as-a-book-to-sit-quietly-in-the-ether is the impending situation of it being listed by the fabulous Kit from

Details as they come to hand, but we’ve agreed that there should be some charitable component to the sale of the book.

Sure, I could just discount the hell out of it for the book club fest that will follow, but I like the idea of the discount cash going somewhere.

I also like the idea of a book being valued, and am a little concerned with the state of play in the 2.99  eReader lists.


We shall see –  I’d love to be in the very rare position to be handing over 50k to a charity, but will be happy will 500.

Or 50.

Or something.

Exciting, no?

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