Charities announced…

Right, so July is marching on and on… and it’s about time I mentioned the charities that the cash will be going to, so without further rambling: gets the heart vote, and doubles up for Melanie, who the book is dedicated to… for my and behalf of my friends who have won, and lost to the bastardContinue reading “Charities announced…”

Book of the month… And so the day has arrived. What day? The day that Erasure gets listed as ‘book o’ the month’ on the much visited, irreverent blog, Blogging Dangerously. It’s a fun blog, sometimes with a serious message, but mostly about the trials and tribulations of a Mother, Wife, Lover and a personal device called CarmenContinue reading “Book of the month…”

Erasure gets put up for book of the month.

It’s a slog, but an interesting one. Next up in the adventures of Erasure-as-a-book-to-be-sold as opposed to Erasure-as-a-book-to-sit-quietly-in-the-ether is the impending situation of it being listed by the fabulous Kit from Details as they come to hand, but we’ve agreed that there should be some charitable component to the sale of the book. Sure,Continue reading “Erasure gets put up for book of the month.”